Jill Valley’s very public story

We honor a colleague, KPAX-TV news anchor Jill Valley, today with a thoughtful and wonderfully written story by reporter Michael Moore. It is Jill’s story, though, and she does the telling. About breast cancer. And courage. About the unstoppable force that is our desire, as human beings, to keep on living.

There are many Jills in Missoula, of course, women who are diagnosed each day with breast cancer and who fight back with everything they’ve got. We’ve watched their courage in our own newsroom, and in our own families. Now, in a very public fashion demanded by her very public job, Jill is fighting back.

And everyone in town is with her in the fight. With her in prayer and in sisterhood. With her out loud and out in public. Because this is one fight we’re going to win.

Sherry Devlin

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