Gobblers, Betsy’s cakes and attaboys

The newsroom’s Thanksgiving feast is Tuesday, and I’m looking forward to some fine fixings. Rumor has it, reporter Betsy Cohen is making one of her famous cakes. That alone guarantees a festive afternoon.Time for the newsroom Turkey Day feast!
I am thankful, every day, to work in such a fun and energetic newsroom full of journalists who truly care about our community and this profession. It is an honorable, but hard, way to make a living. There are lots of long days and weeks, lots of tasks to juggle, and lots of deserving stories competing for our attention.
So I’m thankful, too, when readers share a quick note of thanks for a story they particularly enjoyed or a reporter who did her or his job well. I got two such notes today:

Dear Editor Devlin,
I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with reporter Joe Nickell on Saturday morning about the “goings on” at the police department. In short, when I give information to reporters about police arrests, etc., I usually read the articles later on to see if they are factually correct. In this particular instance, I spoke with Mr. Nickell about a stabbing that took place recently.
The article couldn’t have been written better with the limited information I gave him. Hopefully, Mr. Nickell will appreciate an “attaboy” from the local police force.
Sgt. Scott Pastian
Patrol Division

Wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your articles “Hack and Stack” and “Mending the Maroon” in this weekend’s editions. Both brought out many things that people just don’t think about, and how much support the Griz have and need. Good job!!
We definitely like to see these “feel good” type of articles. (The stories and photos were the work of reporter Jamie Kelly and photographer Michael Gallacher.)
Willie and Jeanne Worthy

My thanks to you, Sgt. Pastian, and the Worthys. You made my day!
Sherry Devlin

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