Big Grizzlies, good chemicals, awesome tailgates

In between the turkey and trimmings, Missoulian reporters and photographers have produced an incredible lineup for this weekend’s newspapers.
The planning, in fact, goes back about six weeks. Long years of experience have taught us to plan ahead – way ahead! – for holiday weeks.
And while there is still always that last-minute rush of stories and photos to be written and edited, pages to design and proof, and breaking news to cover, we would never be able to produce consistently strong newspapers over the holidays without the advance work.
We are already, in fact, at work on the story plan for Christmas and the ever-so-slow week after Christmas.

Josh Marceau in his home jewelry studioBut back to this weekend: Among the stories you’ll find in the Missoulian over the next three days is a great package of words and photos about a University of Montana doctoral student whose love of chemistry shows not only in his work on human viruses but in the beautiful silver jewelry he makes in a basement studio at home. Josh Marceau’s story is in Sunday’s Territory section, with thanks to reporter Betsy Cohen and photographer Linda Thompson.

Betsy teamed up for another Sunday story with photographer Michael Gallacher on a retired UM prof – another chemist! – whose off-campus lab has developed a biodegradable, environmentally neutral chemical that can be used in everyday materials, such as road salt and detergents, to replace harmful persistent petrochemicals and phosphates. This is the real deal, folks – technology transfer happening in our own community that will make a difference worldwide.

Saturday’s Missoulian, of course, will have loads of news related to the UM football team’s first-round FCS playoff game against South Dakota State. Our awesome sports department produced both a Grizzly Game Day special section this week and a package of preview stories for Saturday’s Sports cover. And on A1, reporter Kim Briggeman and photo editor Kurt Wilson will bring you news of a Missoula man’s tailgate-friendly invention. I’ll give you one hint: “Look mom! No hands!”

There’s lots more on the menu for the days to come, of course, but hopefully these little bites will lead you to pick up a Missoulian over the weekend. Not once, not twice, but three times!
Sherry Devlin

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